Friday, 17 September 2010

oh yeah!~ study!!

oh yeah!!~ study...!
don't know why every time during the exam i always don't have mood..!
until 12am of the day of exam only my "engine" started..!~
JAPANESE exam will be starting at tmr's 9am...
although it's just either pass or fail(no grade)..
MOOD ...
MOOD ...
hopefully can pass la this time..!
i believe i can DO it..
survival model has given me confidence as i also study last minute...
and in the final i think i did quite well..
but not an A or A- also la.. because the coursework marks not really high..
hopefully this sem i can hit my target..
this is to prove to myself whether i can continue with this course again or not..
wake up..

japanese..! pass or fail..>?

i would definitely aim for a PASS!!!!!!

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