Tuesday, 20 October 2009

another day.. tuesday..

wake up around 12pm.. haha.. seems like in holiday.. went uni ate my lunch wid chen hoong & chen foong... around 2pm.. went for class.. till 4pm... receive msg from miaox.. but no credit d.. she said she couple back wid bf jo.. congrats to her hor.. ^^ btw received msg from HER.. >< she jz woke up.. zzz.. din reply until my class end.. oral communication n interpersonal skill.. haha.. actually it is okay de the class.. jz that 2 hours are too long for me.. abit exhausted.. feel boring..

went home.. went out again wid 2 friends.. bought MCD for dinner... big mac set.. which costs me around 10.25.. sms awhile.. then sleep... wake up again.. fb-ing... dl the notes.. check whether my timetable settle d anot.. noob utar!!!!! zzz,.. became 1 subject oni.. tmr i am goin to burn the whole UTAR!!!!!! sms.. transfer everything to my dekstop.. listening songs.. tats my life.. boring.. hope weekends faster come.. i want go shopping!!!! =)

nites everyone=)

Monday, 19 October 2009

1st skul day

yesterday 3++am.. an unknown number msg me:hi, ken.. guess who is this?? since my hp not much credit..i reply i dont know btw i added my hp not much credit and good nite.. ><>< between i thought someone was plyin a fool.. while sms-ing, i did asked her whether can i call to chck whether izit my friend plyin or not.. she dare to say yes.. i called.. n it's her.. zzz.. i feel paiseh. lol.. between nice to meet you.. little girl.. but jz to tell u i m not leng zai.. (i knw i am chang qi..) haha...

today... woke up around 12pm.. ate breakfsat.. thn rushed skul n change timetable.. said wil call me end up ntg... wad the hel.. noob utar.. no ID.. wan license.. wrote my car plat no. on my license... dont make me ask my dad use policitian power and shoot u.. UTAR GUARD... went to class for awhile.. back home.. siew fai called. on the way to find me from sunway.. went wrong road.. reached leisure mall..

bought reload.. ate at old town.. chat... till 6++.. say bye.. i lead the road.. back home.. dad called.. ate again.. zzz..!!! giv me petrol money.. thn back home again.. sms & eat snacks.. say bye.. today... =)

Friday, 16 October 2009

boring day,,,

woke up around 3pm++... yesterday went makan wid shi hooi at brj around 3am++... thn use computer until 6am... came back around 620am.. sleep til 3pm... ate lunch.. ply facebook... thn... watch drama... later will be going yum cha.. again a day passed through..

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


it was 10+am in the morning... alot of my friends texted me that the resultz has already came out.. OMG.. what's on my mind, man?? i sure think i will fail badly.. zzz... one word to describe UTAR.. UTAR sucks,... u know why??? the utar intranet from 11am.. i keep press refresh button.. until 3++pm oni i can load the page.. it kept displayed "page load error".. NOOB UTAR.. well.. dont care bout it.. as i cant load my utar page.. i request help from some of my friends.. i m so glad that they r being so kind n help me to check my result.. haha.. finally.. my hp rang..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is Devin.. my heartbeat "pok pok.. pok pok.." i thought i will fail some subjects.. because i really din work hard on it.. b4 the test.. sumore go sunway pyramid.. midvalley.. keep plyin all the way... since study week.. my holidayz adi started.. lol.. ok.. stop talking bout those rubbish.. xD the main point---->>> my result... i passed all...!!!!!!! wid 3Ds again. yeah!!!!! although the result is not reli good la.. yet i passed all.. haha.. i am so happy.. maybe everything is jz a luck... i wanted to fail de.. because i want to study wid my frenx nex sem.. alotof my frenx are may intake de.. so thy late me bout one sem lo.. haiz.. yet.. dont care bout it la.. mayb everything is fixed de.. even if try to change it..it's hard.. so dont think bout those stupid thing again(try to fail the exam).. so i promised myself will study hard le for nex yr jan.. i muz join correct ppl...!!! else i will die hard.. n thx 4 devin's luck... if i chc myself, i sure fail.. thank you!!!
countdown ===>> skul reopen.... 4 days.. zzz!!! pengzz.. ply hard...!!!!

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

1st blogging...

这是我第一次自己写日记哦..这种感觉好像满怪的..因为平时我是和我的兄弟们一起写的...我们是share blog的.. haiz..不知道该怎么弄到我的blog特别点呢??平时都是siew fai edit 的.. 到底有人可以教我吗?? hmmpx... 转眼间,再过几天就要开学了..假期真是过得好快哦..三个星期就这样子过去了..所以说快乐的时光总是过得特别快的..但是假期里真是有时还挺闷的..朋友假期我上学..我假期他们上学..不过还得感谢兄弟们抽空出来陪我玩..谢谢你们..很多人其实并不是很了解我...在他们的眼中子隆只不过是个疯疯癫癫的,好玩又不上进的孩子.. 谢谢你们那么久以来哦那么的爱我..我的兄弟..每当我在任何事情遇到困难时,你们都会抽出时间来陪我..无论是快乐以及不快乐..我们都一起煎熬过...你们都是最了解我的..i feel very lucky that i have such best frenx like you all.. including everyone who understand n cares for me.. thx god.. btw, is time to bed now.. good nite, everyone...

Monday, 12 October 2009

jensen's birthday... 2nd round

here's the 2nd round.. after we settled everything.. i driving my little myvi towards jensen hse.. we bought a t-shirt.. pants.. n underwear 4 him... xDxD

around 11++pm.. some jensen's form 6 friends came along to give jensen a suprise.. here the cake thy made.. after that.. we sang k in jensen's hse.. n on9 thr.. zz..the group photo...

the sa5re plying cards b4 we sleep... around 4am... zzz

thx man.. siew fai for ur mee...

5 of us slept tgt in jensen's guest room.. zz.. damn big man his hse.. me, chun mun n siew fai chit chat tat night until 6am in the morning.. bout our teen's life ar.. chilidhood.. n everything.. it was quite fun.. haha.. nex morning.. woke up around 10.30am.. cuz having fotsal at score arena.. better dont sleep.. zz..

that's the end of jensen's bday.. after that went home n slept until the nex morning.. so tired.. zz..

jensen's birthday... 1st round

during friday nite... siew fai, chun mun n jing hooi went to my hse n make the birthday card for jensen... at the same time.. we were planning bout sat's plans n activities.. thy went home around 3++am in the morning.. n jing hooi overnite at my hse.. so we have decided to go sazaki sushi to have our lunch with jensen.. after that we only decide wad to do..

the nex morning.. me n jing hooi... woke up around 10am.. the buffet start around 12pm... zz.. wad the hell.. i din lock my hse door last nite.. when i woke up.. my dad came n scolded me like hell.. sayin that y i didnt lock the door b4 i sleep.. n din check everything.. cuz tat day i was stayin in my cheras's hse.. i thought my aunt locked d.. zz..!! nvm.. after settled everything. we brought the card along.. n start our journey to KLCC.. luckily we din went to the wrong way.. n we found our way to thr.. since my aunt is working thr.i use her season parking ticket n went through.. so i no need to pay.. lol.. at first, i thought the restaurant is inside KLCC... zzz.. manatau is opposite pula... we went through klcc convention centre.. n walk across the road.. n duno go to which wisma adi.. it's located at 2nd floor....

around 12++pm.. chun mun, jensen, siew fai & yen fern reached the restaurant.. n we started to makan lu..!!!
jing hooi, siew fai & me
top:jing hooi & siew fai
bottom: chun mun, jensen, me top:me, hing hooi & chun mun
bottom:yen fern, jensen & siew fai

group photo b4 leaving

after the buffet lunch... we heading towards the cinema & watch movie... i forgot wad's the name d.. something about human controlling robots.. but the robots look like their owner de.. haha.. after the movie.. me n jing hooi went and buy the cake.. n jensen thy all went to the KLCC park n ply i guess??..i dont know.. we bought a cake and cream(throw at him later)...

the game started...

tis is so called "malaysian"
group foto..

b4 we going home.. (OMG.. addicted in taking pictures)

after that... we all went back home n took bath.. as jing hooi still left smth in my hse.. we went back my cheras hse n took bath.. n at the same time.. we ate nasi lemak 4 our dinner.. xD we all PK d.. no money.. zz.. thn jensen followed siew fai's car back to their hse.. yen fern couldnt join us 4 2nd round as she needed to go back n have dinner wid family..

the 2nd round to be continued...