Monday, 7 December 2009

06/12/2009 WaLkAbrella

today woke up around 6am... because I have particapted in the event walkabrella which jing hooi asked me to go with him... yesterday was pretty tired after jing hooi's birthday celebration!!! tired man! okay... i took bath n prepared everything thn i heading towards jing hooi's hse n fetch him..!!
we reached the destination around 7++am... thr was no one thr... siau voon led us the way to the park from 1u.. we find our parking inside 1u.. thn we went n met the others.. we walked from the car park thn we saw siau voon n choi yan were standing there n waiting for us d... we chit-chatted for awhile thn we walked to the park n meet the other 2 of their friends...

b4 we started to walk.. let me briefly describe about this event.. actually this event is smth like a charity walk... it's cheap.. just rm10 to participate..!! this is an event organised by KDU college.. and the most funny thing is we have to hold the umbrella for the whole journey of the walk.. 6km.. zzz... here are some photos we captured b4 we started to walk..

self-captured attempt 1-failed

self-captured attempt 2-failed

self-captured attempt 3-failed

finally- a nice one!!!

take 2!!

after the walk.. we sat down and rest n buy smth makan 1st... i tink the walk wasnt exactly 6km.. it might shother than that.. so we quite fast reached the end point d... maybe because was chatting along the road ba... here are some photos while we were resting...

after that, me and jing hooi went to the car n take our clothes and changed.. while siau voon and choi yan went 1u and shopping... the kah yeng( i duno how to spell.. sry a..) and her bf were cont "picnic-ing" with her bf's parents at the park.. after chagning our clothes we went and meet up siau voon n choi yan.. since christmas is coming soon... the decoration thr was quite nice... n we have took some photos thr.. here we go!!

orange, chili and watermelon

jing hooi, siau voon, choi yan n me

top: jing n me

btm: siau voon n choi yan

jing hooi n i

after that we heading to a restaurant and have our lunch thr.. it was yummy the food thr...!!! the little restaurant is located somewhr near SEGI damansara thr.. i duno whr's the plc.. next time got chance bring u guys go n makan tgt..

siau voon, jing hooi n choi yan(in the restaurant)

after we had our lunch.. we started our journy back to KL!!!!!! b4 that i would like to said thanks to jia en and her bf... because her bf's parents belanja us makan... reli thank you ya^^ ok... thn we started our journy lo... at 1st.. we were planning either to go back from LDP or federal highway de... ok finally we have decided to go back by just using one toll.. cuz i have only got 2 selections from the girls... u want one toll or 2 tolls?? lol.. of cuz i choose one!! one the way home.. i have missed one u turn... second again... OMG... i reached somewhr i duno.. seems like going klang le.. so scare... thn thy asked me to relax... choi yan:it was so fun!!! OMG... mana ada fun... whr am i?? siau voon asked me to follow seremban sign board because it's safer.. well.. on the way.. i saw batu caves also..!! finally i saw the petalling jaya cheras n seremban signboard le.. it's DUKE highway.. i followed that road n go..!! to prevent i goin back damansara again... i turned in setapak so that it's safer for me... at least i know the road la.. haha... thn finally we used MRR2 highway n go back our hse.. it was freaky jam along mrr2 highway.. 3 of them was sleepin d..(i tink).. i wanted to sleep d.. too bad i am the driver.. i cant slp... around 40mins time.. i reached serdang.. thn i fetch the two girls home.. n thn jing hooi.. n finally went back to my hse....

thn i went and took a bath.. n sleep....!!! wad a tiring day!!! but it was fun n memorable.. and i am happy to meet new friends cuz thy're friendly and humorous also la ... not bad!! it was a nice day again!

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