Thursday, 3 December 2009


today just woke up around 11++am... and then called shi hooi bout chloe's birthday celebration.. haiz... really busy these few days of planning my best friend's bday.. tired... and also jensen's transaltion job... well... after bathing, thn started my journey towards setapak.. went to shi hooi's hse.. cuz wana go n buy present for chloe... i plan to buy 2 turtles for chloe.. as she bought 2 turtles patung for chris... tis time i reli plan to buy real turtles for her..

b4 heading towards the aquarium shop.. i went to CIMB bank n open saving account.. walao.. been waiting for so LONG thr... it's my turn.. i was filling my form at the table... following every procedure.. thn an old man came in n sit beside me.. the officer asked me whether can i let the old man done his one first then only my turn... i said ok to him.. sry.. mel n sh let u both waiting for so long... finally i got my card n bank book... thn i went n chg my pin for 1st time... 2nd time i put in again to check my balance... the atm machine ask me to take the card tat time... i accidentally push it again.. the STUPID MACHINE "EAT" my card!!!! zzz... wasted my whole day waiting thr.. if wana redo the card... nid rm12.. the officer told me thy cant open the machine for me because the card will automatically sent to HQ office.. even if open d.. oso cant get my card...

after that went to a pet shop lookin for turtles.. tak ada jual!! pengz... but the aunty did tel us a shop nearby got sell.. we drove off n finally we found that place... i went in n bought 2 turtles... i told the workers i wan satu "jantina" and satu betina.. zz.. i din know tat male is jantan.. my frenx laughted at me... TT sry la my malay noob..!! dun blame me... after finsih "shopping", we went back their hse... n i gave the turtles to chloe... n wish her hapi bday..

thn.. i quickly rushed to MV n meet chun mun.. walaoe... i reach thr.. all the parkings full d... i parked inside the gardens hotel...!! it was so many cars also... finally i found my parking!!! thn while waiting for chun mun.. i went n makan 1st... thn we went n shopping tgt n buy some clothes.. we planned to watch a movie together... but too bad dun have time d... my mum called me asked me to go back n eat dinner... thn i say"OK!!!!"...

around 6pm... we went back.. at 1st chun mun wanted to fetch me to my parking lot de.... he was in MV parking... but thn it was very jam outside... i walked from MV to the gardens hotel n get my car... i accidentally bang the car which parked beside me when i reverse.. i quickly drove away.. lol!!! so selfish!!! i am so sorry a.. HONDA CITY.. forgiv me..!! thn i went back home and eat dinner... wid my 2 little cute sisters.. love them so much..

after ate my dinner... thn i took a nap... i am sorry chloe i cant attend ur bday party.. but i am here wishing you happy birhtday again.. hope you will like the turtles...!!! all the best to you a..
around 9++pm i went back to my cheras home... wad a day!! man.. haha.. so tired of driving for a whole day.. luckily slept awhile just now... else will pengsan.. gd nite.. everyone.. going to sleep d... take care=) sry ar long time din update my blog d...!

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