Saturday, 5 December 2009

what A day!!!

it was 9am in the morning... after brushing my teeth.. rushed into my car and went to jing hooi's hse fetch her sister-lih yee to midvalley.. the traffic was terrible jam.. i used almst an hour time to reach her hse.. "i'm so sorry that i have promised you to reach by 10am".. on the way to midvalley.. i went wrong road again... i went into smart highway n turn back again.. it was 11++am d.. i & her also late d for our appointment in redbox(differnt room de).. my car the stupid out of petrol sign ardy "blinking.. blinking d" so i have decided to go back kuchai lama n pump petrol... since i used smart highway to come back again... sorry ya^^

finally... around 12pm.. i have reached redbox n meet my friends.. sorry.. i am late!! i am the one who want to change time now i am the latest one who reached pula.. sorry... hanging around... it was guo quan bday tat day.. we have few tasks for him to do.. haha.. capturing photos(imitate the post of a stranger), went into shop n take a photo wid a girl and so on... went n have lunch.. hui teng, chloe, mel n shi hooi went for a movie... thn me guo quan n ken went and ply bowling and snooker...

around 5+pm.. went to buy cake for jing hooi wid lih yee at citrus park,oug secret recipe.. after that heading towards carrefour wid her to get her salary n buy eggs..!! pengzz.. fetch her home.. thn i put the cake at jen's was 7pm.. kern ian called"where are you? i reached ur hse ardy.." i asked him to come salak selatan n have dinner wid me... we went n eat dai cao which the place is located opposite 7-11 salak selatan... a crab law mee and fu jian was still ok...
after that.. we went to jensen hse and waiting for the time to pass through until 12am.. we wana wish jh hapi bday n giv him a surprise..

sien le... finally 11++PM!!!!!!!! n chun mun sudah SAMPAI!! we started our journey n heading towards jh hse.. his sister opened the door 4 me.. i transfered the video all of us captured for him into his computer... while the other(kern ian, chun mun n jensen)were standign behind the kitchen and waiting for my signal.. i went to his room n wake him up...(he is a sleeping piggy).. zzz.. wake him up has took me around 10mins... i brought him down n showed him the video.. tak ada nangis?? mayb he just wake up ba.. haha... all of them came out from behind with the cake & we sang bday song to him tgt... he reli surprised that all of us came n celebrate wid him.. his parents din join us because thy were too tired d... sleeping^^ we chit chat n makan the eggs which have early prepared by his mum in the evening...
after that i brought him chun mun and kern ian come to overnite at my hse... thn we chit chat until 4++am.. n sleep.. wad a nice day!!! with tiring but enjoyable...!

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