Tuesday, 20 October 2009

another day.. tuesday..

wake up around 12pm.. haha.. seems like in holiday.. went uni ate my lunch wid chen hoong & chen foong... around 2pm.. went for class.. till 4pm... receive msg from miaox.. but no credit d.. she said she couple back wid bf jo.. congrats to her hor.. ^^ btw received msg from HER.. >< she jz woke up.. zzz.. din reply until my class end.. oral communication n interpersonal skill.. haha.. actually it is okay de the class.. jz that 2 hours are too long for me.. abit exhausted.. feel boring..

went home.. went out again wid 2 friends.. bought MCD for dinner... big mac set.. which costs me around 10.25.. sms awhile.. then sleep... wake up again.. fb-ing... dl the notes.. check whether my timetable settle d anot.. noob utar!!!!! zzz,.. became 1 subject oni.. tmr i am goin to burn the whole UTAR!!!!!! sms.. transfer everything to my dekstop.. listening songs.. tats my life.. boring.. hope weekends faster come.. i want go shopping!!!! =)

nites everyone=)

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