Wednesday, 14 October 2009


it was 10+am in the morning... alot of my friends texted me that the resultz has already came out.. OMG.. what's on my mind, man?? i sure think i will fail badly.. zzz... one word to describe UTAR.. UTAR sucks,... u know why??? the utar intranet from 11am.. i keep press refresh button.. until 3++pm oni i can load the page.. it kept displayed "page load error".. NOOB UTAR.. well.. dont care bout it.. as i cant load my utar page.. i request help from some of my friends.. i m so glad that they r being so kind n help me to check my result.. haha.. finally.. my hp rang..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is Devin.. my heartbeat "pok pok.. pok pok.." i thought i will fail some subjects.. because i really din work hard on it.. b4 the test.. sumore go sunway pyramid.. midvalley.. keep plyin all the way... since study week.. my holidayz adi started.. lol.. ok.. stop talking bout those rubbish.. xD the main point---->>> my result... i passed all...!!!!!!! wid 3Ds again. yeah!!!!! although the result is not reli good la.. yet i passed all.. haha.. i am so happy.. maybe everything is jz a luck... i wanted to fail de.. because i want to study wid my frenx nex sem.. alotof my frenx are may intake de.. so thy late me bout one sem lo.. haiz.. yet.. dont care bout it la.. mayb everything is fixed de.. even if try to change's hard.. so dont think bout those stupid thing again(try to fail the exam).. so i promised myself will study hard le for nex yr jan.. i muz join correct ppl...!!! else i will die hard.. n thx 4 devin's luck... if i chc myself, i sure fail.. thank you!!!
countdown ===>> skul reopen.... 4 days.. zzz!!! pengzz.. ply hard...!!!!

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