Monday, 19 October 2009

1st skul day

yesterday 3++am.. an unknown number msg me:hi, ken.. guess who is this?? since my hp not much credit..i reply i dont know btw i added my hp not much credit and good nite.. ><>< between i thought someone was plyin a fool.. while sms-ing, i did asked her whether can i call to chck whether izit my friend plyin or not.. she dare to say yes.. i called.. n it's her.. zzz.. i feel paiseh. lol.. between nice to meet you.. little girl.. but jz to tell u i m not leng zai.. (i knw i am chang qi..) haha...

today... woke up around 12pm.. ate breakfsat.. thn rushed skul n change timetable.. said wil call me end up ntg... wad the hel.. noob utar.. no ID.. wan license.. wrote my car plat no. on my license... dont make me ask my dad use policitian power and shoot u.. UTAR GUARD... went to class for awhile.. back home.. siew fai called. on the way to find me from sunway.. went wrong road.. reached leisure mall..

bought reload.. ate at old town.. chat... till 6++.. say bye.. i lead the road.. back home.. dad called.. ate again.. zzz..!!! giv me petrol money.. thn back home again.. sms & eat snacks.. say bye.. today... =)

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