Monday, 12 October 2009

jensen's birthday... 2nd round

here's the 2nd round.. after we settled everything.. i driving my little myvi towards jensen hse.. we bought a t-shirt.. pants.. n underwear 4 him... xDxD

around 11++pm.. some jensen's form 6 friends came along to give jensen a suprise.. here the cake thy made.. after that.. we sang k in jensen's hse.. n on9 thr.. zz..the group photo...

the sa5re plying cards b4 we sleep... around 4am... zzz

thx man.. siew fai for ur mee...

5 of us slept tgt in jensen's guest room.. zz.. damn big man his hse.. me, chun mun n siew fai chit chat tat night until 6am in the morning.. bout our teen's life ar.. chilidhood.. n everything.. it was quite fun.. haha.. nex morning.. woke up around 10.30am.. cuz having fotsal at score arena.. better dont sleep.. zz..

that's the end of jensen's bday.. after that went home n slept until the nex morning.. so tired.. zz..

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